A system designed for revenue enhancement.

We are a strategic advisory consultancy focused on creating revenue enhancing opportunities for businesses and organisations.

We cover all bases except commercial property. If you require Corporate Real Estate Advice, visit our sister company, SBM Corporate Real Estate.


SBM Corporate Real Estate rationalises property costs whereas SBM Trading is for top line revenue growth.

SBM Trading’s experience and contacts were initially derived from over 2,000 successfully concluded property projects around the world through its sister company SBM Corporate Real Estate.

As a result, SBM Trading has built on almost 20 years of strong business relationships with over 500 major UK and International organisations.

2 Core Services

Revenue Enhancement

We have a track record of connecting clients who now have deeply satisfying and prosperous relationships.

We fulfil our clients’ needs whether they are seeking more customers, more sales, or alternative suppliers.

Through a tried and tested process through one or more of our 500+ CFO/CEO contacts in almost every conceivable industry who will have a specific interest in your product or service, or you to theirs.

A Few Examples


Introducing two companies in the automotive sector making identical parts for different manufacturers. One bought the other.


A client experiencing an inexorable fall in revenues, selling processed natural products, benefitted from selling their product to another,


Bringing together companies in the same line of business interested in mergers or acquisitions enabling one client to grow and another to move on.

Management Consultancy

All companies come with internal challenges which can be hard to crack from the inside.

We work with you to understand the difference between perceived and actual limitations within your current company situation – to be resolved either by our proven CFO and CEO ‘solvers’ for the purposes of increasing turnover.

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Revenue enhancement has infinite potential.

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